Bunk bed / Loft bed Singapore

Bunk / Loft Beds are ideal for saving space in a bedroom. Bunk beds & double-decker beds are fun solutions for making the most of the available space in a bedroom. Perfect when you have two little one's who need to share a room loft bed with desk, Double decker bed, modular bunk beds and modular loft bed for kids. The ideal solution for twins, siblings or friends.  Bunk Beds & double-decker beds can be used for shared bedrooms or sleepovers, leaving plenty more room for extra furniture and activities! Suitable for kids aged 6 and up, (same for bunk bed), loft bed & loft bed with desk truly are the stuff of dreams.  Kids can sleep with their heads amongst the stars.  Creating a huge amount of bedroom floor space for play and study.  Your child will not only be thrilled with the bedtime scramble but also with all the extra space the have to play or study. Plus, if you're after extra storage space then there's plenty of room to pop some drawers or a desk underneath. Browse through our bunk / lofts & double decker bed page for more ideals.