Hoppekids Kids Furniture

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Who is Hoppekids?

Hoppekids mission is to create the safest and most sustainable modular children’s furniture.  It aim to promote good sleep, play and creative learning from toddler to teenager. Children’s furniture isn’t just things which fulfill a practical room. Children’s room has to be creative, like a spaceship, a magic cave, a work space or a cozy reading nook. They also have to embrace play time alone or and with friends, learning and sleeping. Hoppekids furniture carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.  It has achieved strict standards regarding their impact on environment and health.  Same on their security and quality. This result in production which makes the least impact on the environment and exclusively use wood from sustainable sources. Lastly, Hoppekids furniture are both safe and sustainable. They can follow your child through the adventures of their childhood and so be passed on to a younger sibling. Hoppekids beds can be passed on from a bigger sibling to a smaller and always fit the child and the room in which it stands. That's also our feature of flexibility. Our modular bed can be changed to continuous match your needs. It’s so super easy,  by adding a module underneath your junior bed to make a brand-new high sleeper!

It’s all about the children

Hoppekids kids furniture dream is to create a better future for the children and that’s the essence of everything we do and it is also the heart and soul of our every day. Browse through our fabulous kids furniture range here.