Different Type of Kids Bed

16 March, 2021 | Blog post written by RON NG

Different Type of Kids Bed

children bed
What’s the difference between a Captain bed, midi-sleeper and high-sleeper
Confused about all the different type of children beds out there? Here’s our guide explaining the difference between them

There are plenty of choice when shopping around for a kid’s bed. Sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming and confusing.
If you’re looking for something with a bit more wow-factor than a traditional single bed that’s still practical for children.   You’re bound to come across Captain Beds, Mid Sleepers and High Sleepers. The good thing about all of these is that they offer storage space, a safe & comfy place to sleep, plus a fun design that all kids love without taking up too much room.

But what’s the difference between these beds? And which is the best choice for you and your family?

Captain Beds
Featured: The Anaheim Captain Bed

Captain Beds offer the best built-in storage options. Traditionally, they feature under-bed drawers and trundle that are built into the base of the bed, making them a great solution for smaller bedrooms. This storage space is often large enough to replace a bedside table for storing your children’s clothes or toys.

Captain Beds are usually a little higher than regular single beds, but are the lower than both mid-sleepers & high-sleepers. They don’t need a ladder, so it makes a great choice for younger children who aren’t quite ready for climbing.

The Anaheim Captain bed , also features a headboard with a built-in bookshelf and a secret storage compartment!

Midi Sleepers

Featured:  New Hampshire Midi Sleeper

Midi Sleepers are the best option for when you need something that’s in between a regular single bed and a high sleeper.  It’s great for lower ceilings and smaller bedrooms. Plus, if your little one has been begging for a high sleeper but isn’t quite big enough yet, this is a great compromise!
Midi sleepers are suitable for children aged 4 and over.  It offer all the fun and flexibility of a higher than normal bed, but still providing a safe place to sleep for younger ones.

The open space underneath a Midi Sleeper provides plenty of options, plus loads of practicality! It can be a space for doing homework, housing extra storage or a cosy little den.

Our New Hampshire Midi bed is great for any kid’s bedroom. It features stairs rather than a ladder, so it’s super-safe for younger children to climb.  Steps that double up as storage, under-bed chest of drawers and pull out desk makes the New Hampshire midi bed truly super!

High Sleepers

Featured: New Hampshire High loft

High Sleepers are the ultimate in space-saving children’s bed. You can maximise the use of your available bedroom space by creating extra room for larger items of furniture underneath, so they’re fantastic for small rooms. Also, they’re a winner with all kids!

A High Sleeper features a higher open space underneath which can accommodate a desk area for studying, a spare bed or sofa bed, storage cupboards, a bookshelf, and even a piano.  Our New Hampshire Loft, come in both ladders and stairs that double as storage drawers.

If you’re looking for a High Sleeper, remember to measure your ceiling height. Also, you may want to check that the ladder can be easily & safely accessed in the available space.  Many of our beds are cleverly designed,  ladder can be fixed on either the left or the right hand side.

Consideration when Buying beds

As well as being a comfy place for your child to sleep, you should also think about these factors:


There’s no getting away from it, kids these days have a lot of stuff (tip: it gets worse!). So, when choosing a bed, consider the kind of extra storage they will need, such as under-bed/trundle drawers.


Many beds double as a magical space to play for younger kids or a private place to read, learn or relax for older kids & teens. Will their new bed offer enough space for a cool den or a chill out zone?
Also, the extra height on Midi/High Sleepers can equal extra fun & climbing for many kids!


Think about the size of the bed and where in the room it will go – especially how it fits in with the doors, windows and other furniture. Does the bed have a ladder to factor in? Make sure your children will be able to get in and out of bed easily, as well as ensuring plenty of space to play and move around.


Most kids will always choose the highest bed or the top bunk (they can’t help it), but it has to be safe. Although not as high as a Midi-Sleeper, Captain bed are a little higher than a basic single bed. So, you’ll need to consider how easy it is for your little one’s to climb in & out. Most of our mid sleepers are suitable for children age 4+, while high sleepers are suitable for age 6+.

At Littlewode, we make our beds from strong, long-lasting materials. Rest assured, our furniture is fully bounce-proof and ‘kid tough’, allowing for maximum fun and durability.



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Children beds

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Different Type of Kids Bed

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